About Us

What makes a great dress shirt so great? The number of details that go into making a great dress shirt would surprise most people. We pay careful attention to even the smallest of details, so when you grab one of our shirts, you can count on looking great and feeling fantastic. Here's our story.


Prior to founding Newbury Mills, I used to wear a dress shirt, tucked into my dress pants, and go to work. On the weekend, I loved to wear jeans and an untucked dress shirt. However, when I would wear the same dress shirt I wear at work, untucked, it looked terrible! It was way too long; I could not wear the same shirt untucked. So, I would have to keep my expensive dress shirt in the closet, and buy another shirt just to wear casually. This seemed unnecessary. To solve this problem, I began a several year journey, working with industry professionals, that would bring the classic dress shirt into the modern day.

We worked on the design to make sure the length would be perfect, so you can wear your shirts tucked in, as well as untucked. This way, by purchasing one of our shirts, you really get two shirts in one, with the versatility to wear your shirt however you choose.

We decided to take this opportunity to keep going, to see how else we could make our dress shirts better.

We selected premium fabrics, so that they feel great, and hold up well. We also decided to avoid using formaldehyde, a chemical that may be harmful, which is used on many non-iron dress shirts.

A great design, and premium fabric is wonderful, but it's all about the details that make our shirts that much better. For instance, we use durable buttons, that are cross-stitched, to minimize issues with buttons breaking, or falling off.

I hope that by going into the details a bit, you can see the efforts we went to, to bring you a quality amazing shirt, that you can count on every day. After bringing the classic dress shirt into the modern day, we are just getting started. I thank you for joining us on our journey, as we make apparel better!

- Jay