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Why are Newbury Mills Shirts Special?

Wear the Same Dress Shirt Untucked or Tucked

Solid white dress shirt worn tucked in with a suit, and the same solid white dress shirt is also worn untucked with jeans

Our shirts are specially designed so you can wear them formally and tucked in, or casually and untucked. With the versatility, pair your shirt with dress pants, denim, chinos, or even shorts. Our shirts look great no matter how you wear them.

Premium Fabrics

Stack of Newbury Mills dress shirts

Our shirts are 100% Cotton, and many feature SUPIMA® Cotton, a premium American Cotton. We also avoid the use of formaldehyde, a chemical that is used in most popular non-iron dress shirts. We pay careful attention to our fabrics so they are comfortable, feel great, and look good too.

High Quality Construction

Close up of fabric of multi checks twill dress shirt

We pay attention to every detail, to ensure the highest quality and durability of our shirts. An example of this is with our buttons. By cross-stitching the buttons, and making sure to use nice and durable buttons, we minimize the chances of your buttons breaking or falling off when you need your shirt. A Newbury Mills shirt is your go-to shirt in the morning (or evening).

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